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Established in 2008 and headquartered in Amman, Jordan, QS Professionals is a distinguished firm distinguished by its team of skilled and experienced professionals. Our qualified staff is dedicated to delivering comprehensive Pre and Post-Contract Quantity Surveying and Project Management Services, catering to the specific requirements of the Jordanian market.

At QS Professionals, we hold esteemed positions as retained consultants for major consulting firms in Jordan, entrusted with the responsibility of providing a full spectrum of cost management and quantity surveying services. Our expertise empowers clients with total financial control at every juncture of their construction projects. Our advisory services encompass the entire project lifecycle, commencing with feasibility studies and development appraisals, extending to estimating and cost planning, preparation of tender documentation, contractor selection, contract administration, project auditing, detailed bills of quantities, and meticulous pre and post-contract administration.

Our office operates in strict adherence to the highest industry standards, guided by our extensive experience and established procedures, tailored to meet the unique demands of the construction industry in Jordan. We take pride in our capacity to prepare documentation in both English and Arabic, ensuring seamless communication with our diverse clientele.

QS Professionals specializes in providing clients with professional and practical guidance for construction projects, encompassing various contract types, including building and civil engineering. Our experienced department heads engage in effective verbal and written communication with clients' representatives, consultants, trade contractors, suppliers, and more, facilitating smooth operations throughout pre and post-contract procedures. Matters related to cost, time, or quality changes are managed with precision and efficacy, ensuring that your project remains on track and of the highest caliber.


At QS Professionals, our mission is to consistently excel in Quantity Surveying and Cost Management by providing unwavering precision, expert guidance, and unparalleled value to our clients. We are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout every phase of their construction projects, ensuring optimal financial control, exceptional quality, and successful outcomes.

Our vision is to be the foremost industry leader in Quantity Surveying and Cost Management, setting the gold standard for excellence and innovation in the field. We aspire to continually expand our reach, influence, and the breadth of our services, while remaining true to our commitment to precision, reliability, and client satisfaction. We envision a future where QS Professionals is synonymous with the highest standards of quality and expertise in the global construction industry.

Meet The CEO

Step into the world of construction and project management excellence a distinguished luminary in the field of quantity surveying and cost management. spans several decades, marked by a profound commitment to precision, innovation, and unwavering dedication to his craft.



Mahmoud Alshoubaki, a distinguished and seasoned professional in the realm of construction and quantity surveying, who presently assumes the role of General Manager at QS Professional's CO. With a career that spans several decades, Mahmoud's journey is a testament to unwavering commitment, expertise, and excellence in the field.

Mahmoud's extensive experience extends across various renowned construction companies, both within Jordan and on an international scale. He has been at the helm of a multitude of projects, showcasing his remarkable skills in the management of a diverse range of construction endeavors. From iconic commercial and residential developments to intricate industrial facilities and complex infrastructure projects, Mahmoud has consistently delivered exceptional results. His deep-rooted expertise in quantity surveying, cost analysis, and contract management has been a cornerstone of success, ensuring precision and excellence at every phase.

Within the document, Mahmoud's professional journey mirrors his continuous growth and dedication to handling intricate and multifaceted projects, including electro-mechanical works and civil engineering. His comprehensive list of experiences both in Jordan and abroad reflects his adaptability and wide-ranging proficiency. Beyond his technical skills, Mahmoud possesses a profound commitment to precision, quality, and client satisfaction.

This profile embodies a wealth of expertise, a legacy of unwavering dedication, and an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects. Mahmoud ALSHOUBAKI stands as a paragon of excellence in the construction and quantity surveying industry. His profound contribution to the field serves as an assurance of outstanding results and a dedication to client satisfaction, making him the ideal choice for your construction and project management needs.

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Explore the full spectrum of QS Professionals comprehensive services. From pre-contract consultancy to post-contract management, we offer a complete suite of solutions to meet your construction project needs. Our expert team of quantity surveyors and project managers is dedicated to delivering precision and excellence at every stage, ensuring the success of your projects


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