Why QS Professionals?

QS Professionals Co. is the company clients need to consult because of our commitment to excellence and expertise in Quantity Surveying and Cost Management. With a rich history of over two decades, we have successfully advised on a vast array of projects worth over $20 billion across various regions, making us a trusted industry leader. Our comprehensive suite of services, including cost planning, quantity surveying, and cost control, ensures that each project is meticulously managed from inception to completion. Furthermore, our dedication to delivering the best solutions and our extensive network of industry connections make us the go-to choice for those seeking precision, reliability, and up-to-date cost management solutions. At QS Professionals, we are driven by a "best-for-project" approach, providing tailored, intelligent advice and astute leadership to help clients achieve their ultimate commercial objectives. In essence, our proven track record and commitment to excellence make us the paramount choice for those seeking construction expertise..

Key Services

QS Professionals boasts an extensive and diverse array of services, making us your comprehensive solution for Quantity Surveying and Cost Management needs. Our primary objective is to guide you through the journey of construction excellence, fostering a partnership of trust and success at every juncture.

Front-End Documentation Preparation

This service includes the meticulous creation of Front-End Documents, including the Particular Conditions of Contract, instructions to Tenderers, Form of Tender, Appendices, and Form of Agreement.

Bill of Quantities Development

QS Professionals excels in crafting detailed Bills of Quantities tailored to meet the specific tendering requirements, encompassing elements like Preambles, General Requirements, and MEP Services, among others.

Specification Authoring

The company provides comprehensive specifications for Civil and Architectural works, excluding Electro-mechanical and infrastructure components, adhering to the CSI - 16 (Division Format) to match project needs.

Pre-Tender Estimation

QS Professionals offers pre-tender estimation services, pricing the works to arrive at a final budget estimate. This estimate is crucial for comparing tenders during the tender stage and ensuring budgetary alignment

Tender Analysis and Reporting

The company conducts a thorough Tender Analysis, encompassing arithmetical checks, pricing consistency evaluation, addenda incorporation, qualifications and exclusions identification, and the production of a financial valuation report.

Contract Documents Preparation and Distribution

As part of their comprehensive pre-contract services, QS Professionals diligently prepares and distributes Contract Documents according to the specific requirements of the client, ensuring a smooth and efficient contractual process.

At QS Professionals,

We have a steadfast mission: to be your unwavering partner in guiding you towards construction excellence at every juncture of your project's journey. With over two decades of industry experience, we pledge to deliver nothing less than meticulous precision and unparalleled quality. From project inception through design, pre-contract phases, and successful completion, we are your trusted companions in translating your vision into remarkable reality. With a rich portfolio of over 2,500 projects, surpassing $16 billion in construction value across diverse regions, we've established our standing as industry leaders. Our expertise spans from crafting comprehensive Bills of Quantities to meticulous specification authoring and pre-tender estimation. We ensure that no detail is overlooked, down to the very last cent. When you select QS Professionals, you choose a partner dedicated to making your construction journey smooth and ultimately rewarding, transforming your project into a masterpiece of excellence every step of the way.


At QS Professionals, we firmly believe that precision and excellence are not merely slogans but rather the very bedrock upon which we build every project, ensuring that each endeavor we embark upon is marked by meticulous attention to detail, unwavering dedication to quality, and an unyielding commitment to delivering outcomes that not only meet but consistently exceed our clients expectations



Quick Contact Information:

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  • Email Address: info@qs-professionals.com
  • Physical Address: 256, Hisham Salameh Commercial Complex 1 Al Madinah Al Munawarah St, Amman, Jordan
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  • Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (+3 GMT)